Copper Development Association and Cu+

The Cu+ mark is the Copper Development Association’s (CDA) endorsement that CuVerro® antimicrobial surfaces are in full compliance with EPA registration conditions. As the trade organization for copper, the CDA has determined that CuVerro® products meet the compliance requirements for U.S. EPA registration.

Using the Cu+ mark with CuVerro® certifies that the copper alloys being sold for antimicrobial applications meet the high quality assurance standards set forth by the copper industry and the regulatory standards set forth by the EPA. The CDA and EPA standards support Rocky Mountain Hardware to make public health claims that CuVerro® surfaces kill bacteria.*

The Cu+ mark certifies that the CuVerro® antimicrobial materials:

  • Are sourced by suppliers with full (U.S. Federal and State) EPA Registrations and are in full compliance with EPA labeling and marketing-claim conditions.
  • Comply with EPA content and purity levels:
    • Having EPA-registered copper alloys sold with antimicrobial claims require a UNS (Unified Numbering System) designation. This insures that the alloys contain the required active copper concentrations to be effective under EPA test protocols, and verifiable other ingredients to be consistent with the EPA registration.   
    • Not containing VOC’s, phthalates nor PVC.
  • Are not treated with waxes or coatings that could diminish antimicrobial efficacy.
  • Are 100% recyclable.
  • Are produced from up to 100% recycled materials.
  • Meet EPA safety criteria and environmental criteria.
  • Are supplied from a CDA member company (material supplier) with an active EPA registration and in full compliance with EPA regulations and oversight responsibilities.